WebMDmale.org - Our Review Process

1) Examine Relevant Medical Studies and Scientific Research

There are two critical elements when we research a product to determine its effectiveness. What are the ingredients – and is there scientific evidence that those ingredients provide the desired results.

We also strive to ensure that all ingredients in any product are known and proven over time to be safe. We ensure that two important questions are answered regarding every product – “are the ingredients safe?” and “will the product work as claimed?”

A substantial part of our review process focuses on what ingredients are in the formula and subsequent scientific evidence that those ingredients work.

Our goal is to ensure that men can choose products with complete confidence in both their effectiveness and long-term safety

2) Analyze VERIFIED Customer Testimonials

There is really no better way to know how well a product works than customer testimonials from men who have actually tried the product

Of course, what works for one guy might not necessarily work for another guy – but if thousands of men experience results with a particular product – then the chances are excellent that they will work for almost every man.

We’ve poured over thousands of verified customer reviews for over 300 products, which gives us an extremely clear picture of which products consistently produce results for men. 

We don’t expect you to just take our word for which products work. With analysis of thousands of user reviews – you can take the word of thousands of men just like you!

3) Test Products Ourselves

Another great way to test the effectiveness of certain products is to test and actually try them ourselves.

Now we’re not saying that our researchers have tried every single product out there, but between our various researchers and analysts – a number of our volunteers have actually used – and continue to use – many of the top rated brands we mention on this site.

Of course, there are many products out there we wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole. Some products contain potentially dangerous ingredients (such as Yohimbe) – so we would never risk trying these ‘sketchy’ products. 

But if a product has made our ‘Top 10 List of Recommended Brands” – then you can rest assured that someone on our team has tried that product and experienced very good results.

we only recommend top rated male enhancement products

4) Recommend Only Top Rated Products

As we’ve mentioned before – we have researched and reviewed well over 400 male enhancement products in our 20 year history online.

Some products are simply scams, and many others just don’t provide enough value for money to earn a top recommendation. However a handful of products out there are so effective and life-changing, that we endorse these ones whole-heartedly.

We encourage you to use our recommended products in conjunction with your own research and judgment to find the perfect male enhancer to improve your life. If a product is on our recommended list – you can be sure it’s received the ‘thumbs up’ from tens of thousands of men from around the world.